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Bask in the San Diego Fun Show

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Scot Nery’s Boobie Trap is an acclaimed variety show from Los Angeles that features big names in cirque, variety, comedy, magic, and music. Each week for over a year, Nery has selected the best in the field to offer their most wildly weird and entertaining material, to the delight of L.A. critics. Now, Boobie Trap is going on the road, starting with San Diego Fringe! There will be great comedy, stunning circus arts, jaw dropping magic and, just maybe, a guy spinning a flaming cheeseburger atop an umbrella. Accompanied by a live three piece band and Nery’s off the cuff antics, audiences can see world-class acts in a family friendly night that is fast-paced, interactive, and tons of fun.

Host and producer Scot Nery (Tonight Show, HBO Comedy Festival) says, “It’s chaos with amazing content.” Regulars on the show have been Kate Flannery (The Office) and Scot Robinson (Anchorman,) The Lampshades, Cirque Du Soleil stars, Stefan Haves and Eric Newton, comedy magician, Justin Willman (Comedy Central, Cupcake Wars), and The Late Late Show’s comedic band leader, Reggie Watts.

Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson said, "I'll come back every time I'm in town for the good feeling it gave me," and Steve-O from Jackass wrote, “I had a blast!” Festival goers looking for rolicking content and feed worthy photos are sure to say the same.

San Diego

FRINGE Festival

Shows at Lyceum Theater in San Diego
Thu June 23 6pm Get Tickets
Sat June 25 4pm Get Tickets
Sun June 26 2pm & 4pm Two free 45 minute shows!
In Horton Plaza Outdoors
Fri July 1 9pm Get Tickets
Sat July 2 10:30pm Get Tickets
Sun July 3 2:30pm Get Tickets
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A quick theatre tour

volunteer to help and fun


Want to spend extra time with the performers? We’re looking for a few great volunteers that can help with the setup and tear down of each performance. We’re going to keep things simple and fun and would love a few people to keep us company. In exchange you’ll get to watch as many shows as you want for free!

What you’ll need to do:

  • Pick which dates you would like to help.
  • Arrive 35min before the scheduled show time and stay 35min after.
  • Before the show help load in the set and other light objects.
  • Help pass out flyers
  • After the show help tear it down.
  • Give us highfives.
  • Tell your friends we highfive’d
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